Relaxing, exclusive apartments


Palace apartments are designed for:

When procuring a relaxing, exclusive, historic apartment, you get:


Only 20 palace apartments were put into circulation in Slovakia


In the historic arcade courtyard you get complete care, pattiserie, regeneration, prestigious wine bar, daycare, storage space


Highways lead to the historic palace without the time difficulty in the whole of Slovakia


Prestigious residence of a family historically belonging to the aristocracy


Complete services in the centre of the royal city without the use of a car


The possibility of year-round rental business for your entrepreneurs


Exhibition of own art objects in the historic apartment

-Generation property-

The immediate nearby of the most famous pilgrimage place of Mariana mountain

-Generation property-

A historical collector’s work that grows in value over time


For prestigious housing, year-round rental

-Sport and hiking-

Immediate vicinity of 4 ski slopes on the Levoča mountain, Spiš hiking, hunting ground and organic swimming pool


High Tatras, Slovak Paradise, Spiš castle, Spišská Kapitula, Ski resort Plejsy, Kežmarok city, Poprad city, Aquacity, Golf resort Lomnica